Team Building Excercises

February 26, 2017

Leadership, Teamwork

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The mere gathering of a group of people does not necessarily constitute to the effective beginnings of a team training exercise that is going to be productive and successful. Several different exercises need to be taken into careful applicatoin before a team can be considered "a team in training".
This book "The ins and outs of Training a Team" will open your eyes to fundamental principles of teamwork. You will learn the secrets behind successful teams and how to have the same succes. It closely examines team building exercises as ways of getting a team to work together. You get to learn what this entails and what kind of teams can use these exercises to succeed.
Many leading companies have embraced the act of team building. They have managed to realize just how important teamwork is. These organizations spend a lot of money investing in team building. This ebook also looks at why team building is important not just to the organization but also to every member of the team.

Here is a excerpt of the book:

There are many types of communication exercises all geared to help team members communicate with each other effectively. One such exercise is the “blind man and guide”. In this exercise, two teammates are forced to work with each other. They need to retrieve a certain object within the vicinity. However, one teammate has to do the retrieval while blind folded. The other teammate will then give directions to help them make the retrieval. The only way they can do this is by working together and communicating. If the guide becomes frustrated and starts yelling at the “blind man” this will bring about confusion and hinder their progress. On the other hand,” the blind man” will not succeed if he decides not to listen to the “guide”.

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  1. Esveria Pattel says:

    Building a team is very important, thanks for the ebook.

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